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Once upon a time…no…sorry, wrong story (heh). I love to listen to music. I can listen for hours to different artists, but the ones I go back to repeatedly are the ones who tell me a story with their lyrics. Steve Earle and Rufus Wainwright are currently at the top of my iPod’s most frequently […]

Maggie Weaver gave a presentation to the local chapter of Ontario Association of Library Technicians about “Developing Your Own Professional Portfolio” on March 10. When I read the following workshop blurb, it really resonated with me: You can make your own luck when it comes to careers, not just by being in the right place […]



Governments can use internet technologies to facilitate its citizens to pay taxes or pay bills. E-seva system in India has cut down on long line ups and bribing officials. The February 14 issue of Economist discusses e-government initiatives in depth in a a special report. There may be some functions, like issuing passports, in which […]

I just read this article on Social Media Burnout (hat tip to Steven Cohen’s Library Stuff blog). Although I haven’t joined anywhere near as many applications as Eric Benderoff, I understand his position. In my case, though, I think it’s my shortened attention span. I can remember being able to sit through speeches and presentations […]

In my previous job, I helped university students discover potential career paths. Very few wanted a job in sales. “Oh, I don’t like to sell things.” Well, guess what? Life is a sales job! No matter what we do, we’re selling something. Whether it’s a widget or our services, we all want someone to “buy” […]

When I was studying for my library technician diploma, I knew I wanted to work in a special library. I liked the idea of being able to use all the skills I was learning. Since graduating, I have worked in two special libraries – one in an academic environment and the other for a private […]

My Vancouver past tends to pop up unexpectedly. Dean Giustini, who works at the Biomedical Branch Library of the University of British Columbia Library system, taught a course on Medical reference for library technicians at Langara College. The BMB will always be the “Vancouver General Hospital library” to me..whatever it is renamed as. Reminds me […]