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I read Pinhawk Librarian News Digest daily – it’s a great source for pointing me to what I should be reading, and saving me from reviewing all 900+ new feeds in my RSS reader. In today’s digest, editor  Nina Platt references a post on downloading contact information from your LinkedIn connections. As Nina rightly points […]

I recently read that the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C. – American) is considering charging Netflix for violating the Regulation Fair Disclosure rule. This rule requires companies to inform all investors at the same time of news of material significance to the business. The reason behind the investigation? Netflix’s CEO had posted an update on Facebook […]

I am feeling burned by a combination of poor customer service and Web 2.0 technology. I signed up for a workshop with one of my professional associations. This group has dived into Web 2.0 in a big way, as I registered online for the workshop and paid with PayPal. Or so I thought, as the group took my […]

As you can see from the badge proudly on display on the right, Library technician dialog was a finalist in the 2009 Canadian Law Blogs (or Clawbies) awards. Although the awards are given in fun, it’s still a great honour for Brenda and I to be recognized by our peers for our little rants! (Well, […]

As Karen posted a few days ago, it’s Clawbies season! Working on the ever-growing directory at has been one of my most enjoyable roles as a Stem-ployee, and I am always amazed at how active and dedicated the community of Canadian legal bloggers is. The sheer variety of subject matter and the quality of […]

The Clawbies, or Canadian Law Blog Awards are open! Time to nominate your favourite Canadian law blog. Here are my three: 1. All About Information by Dan Michaluk at Hicks Morley. Dan writes timely and thoughtful posts on privacy as well as labour and employment issues. By following him on Twitter, I manage to appear all-knowing to my […]

Brenda and I have been taking a writing break, getting in our vacation time. Summer’s almost over, though, and it’s time to get back to work. I’ve had a whole series of experiences happen that are sort of connected. Have you been following the anonymous blogger story? Well, I was asked to find the decision […]

SLA 2009 Conference Round-up Former General Colin Powell gave a rousing and humourous keynote speech at the Special Libraries Association conference last month. Powell needs no introduction having served a long term in the United States military, as well as being a former U.S. Secretary of State. I hesitated in writing about his speech as […]

Knowledge Management specialist Heather Colman has published an in-depth article about developing an enterprise wiki. I attended a meeting where Colman and Connie Crosby discussed wiki development. Crosby talked about best practices, including navigational basics like a home button on every page, as well as incorporating see also links, and subscription to RSS feed buttons. […]

Well, he’s been and is now long gone! On October 30th, Stephen Abram dropped in to Red River College and gave a mesmerizing presentation on the important role of information professionals. There was a great turnout of RRC library technician students mixed with members of the library community in Winnipeg. I’m still digesting most of […]


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