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I was at an advisory board meeting yesterday, when we were asked how library work has changed in our time in the industry. There was discussion of the way technology has taken over, and print isn’t as popular as it was, etc. I listened to the others and thought, “That doesn’t describe my library”.  Then I […]

A few days ago, Shaunna Mireau wrote a post on Slaw, Where do you work? Then I read a related post on Conversation Matters, The Hallways of Learning. What these two posts have in common is the idea of how the physical space you work in can change the way you do your work. (Thanks to […]

One of the reasons I left my previous firm was to take on new challenges. I wanted to create and deliver workshops, do more in-depth research, and develop a more aggressive current awareness program. I’ve made headway on the latter two, and now I’m working on a legal research refresher. Last fall I took a […]

I often think about my special library experience, which has parallels to school libraries. Recently I discussed the pros and cons of satellite libraries, as I was thinking of rural school libraries without full time staff. Elizabeth Nelson wrote  “Learning from Public and School Librarians” in Information Outlook Vol. 15 No. 3 April/May 2011 issue […]

My latest post on Slaw is up. What will your library look like in 2030? ~ Karen

I’ve been following the Future Ready posts at SLA and one in particular really resonated with me: Anythinkers: Part Wizard, Part Genius, Part Explorer by Pam Sandlian Smith. It’s about using disruption as a new way to unearth opportunities. In the staid world of libraries, what a refreshing thought! Instead of designing a library for […]

A few months ago, for my Slaw column, I wrote on outsourcing the law library and what it would mean. I ended up having more questions than answers. A short while after that post was published, I received a call from Integreon, asking me if I would like to have some of my questions answered. […]

I’ve mentioned Seth Godin before – marketing guru, engaging speaker (he was the closing keynote at the SLA 2008 conference). He recently got the library world in a tizzy when he published a very short post on The Future of the Library. I don’t think I’ve ever read such divergent responses from people I respect! As […]

I just attended the 2009 Isaac Pitblado Lectures jointly presented by the Law Society of Manitoba, the Manitoba Bar Association and the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. This year’s topic was on practicing law in the 21st century. (Yes, I was the only law librarian there – these lectures are aimed at […]

(Guest contributor – Emma D-W) I was really pleased to see “A Student’s Perspective on the Name Change“, in which MLIS student Zoe Fisher explains why she’s voting “yes” on the proposed new name for SLA. Why? Well, we’ve heard from a lot of library world heavyweights: Mary Ellen Bates, Marcy Phelps, Jill Strand, Guy […]


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