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My Slaw post got reposted on the SLA Future Ready 365 blog! Brenda and I have been blogging for a couple of years, and this is the first time that one of our posts was picked up in full. That’s the power of social media in getting yourself known. I’ve also started a new job at […]

When I tell people I’m a law librarian at a law firm, I usually get one of two responses. “Oh, I love books!” or reading or something along those lines. Or, “What does a librarian do at a law firm?” I try not to roll my eyes if the speaker is standing right in front of me, […]

I recently didn’t get invited to a webinar held in my firm, because the people organizing it didn’t realize I’d be interested. I was really annoyed, because it would have cost nothing for me to attend. What’s kind of amusing, though, is I was following one of my colleagues who was tweeting about it as […]

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I am gettng acclimatized after being away at SLA 2009 conference. Overall it was a great learning opportunity. I went to sessions about Sharepoint, food safety, and competitive intelligence to name a few. The open houses at hospitality suites were also a unstructured informal way to meet fellow information professionals. Highly recommended. A government librarian […]

And now the education begins! After 2 days in Washingston visiting the sites, going to the open houses, and taking in the International Spy Museum (a must if you have an interest in espionage, corporate or otherwise!), I’ve started attending the information sessions. I started out with ROI 2.0 for Corporate Libraries. After a promising […]

I try to strike a balance when networking between the personal and the professional. I hate asking “so where do you work?” but that is almost a given. When I attend the SLA conference in Washington, D.C. I will be sure to also enquire about upcoming exciting projects ahead from people I meet. Or I […]

I asked a colleague last year how she developed her client list. Her call to the bar had only been 10 years ago, yet she had been made partner fairly quickly, and she was very busy. She told me that she had got referrals from other members of our firm, other firms, and even judges. […]

There are all sorts of library conferences going on right now. It seems like spring/early summer is prime conference time. (Kind of like real estate…at least in the pre-subprime world.) It probably is seasonal – the renewal of spring coincides with wanting to be refreshed with new knowledge, and vice versa. I believe strongly in […]

During some spring cleaning, I came across an appropriate resource for fellow library technicians who have been laid off. Although I hate motivational business books, the nugget sized career strategies in this pamphlet offer sensible advice for anyone who is looking for a job, or stuck in a rut thinking about their next career move. […]

My colleague, Emma, who blogs at Ballad in Plain E, brought up an interesting point regarding law library staff in Winnipeg. Coming from a firm in Vancouver, which is about the same size as my firm, she is surprised at how few library staff there are here. Her old firm had both a librarian and a […]


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