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Ah, the end of the year, and it’s time to nominate my favourite law blogs for a Clawbie. But before I do, a few musings on the writing form of blogging. Has it become passé? I know I have posted much less this year than normal years, fearing I have nothing left to say. And […]

As in many things in life, there is a process and a lot of homework involved in preparing a perfectly persuasive elevator pitch. Then it involves distilling the message down. I was impressed by the resources pulled together at Dysart & Jones. I can see the value of practicing lots, and targeting different audiences as good prep for job interviews […]

Back to school


I recently did a presentation for the Marketing class in the library and information technology program at Red River College. I’m not the only library technician speaking to students: Shaunna Mireau’s post on Slaw references her visit to Grant MacEwan University. It’s great to have an opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with students. I […]

Working as a solo in an organization with such dominant players as lawyers, I’ve come to realize that self-promotion is vital to my position’s continued existence. In academia it’s “publish or perish”. In a private firm, it’s not as necessary to publish completely original thought, but it doesn’t hurt to get some writing behind your […]

A CALL to arms


Wendy Reynolds, chair of the 2012 CALL conference, posted yesterday on Slaw about the need for support for the conference. The annual AGM and conference is the pinnacle for professional development for a lot of law librarians in Canada. We’re not large in numbers, but collectively we’re responsible for a significant amount of money. Legal publishers […]



We’re going through a revisioning process at my firm, trying to determine what we stand for. It’s a hugely complicated affair, rife with all the competing messages that a group of 60 individuals can bring to it. Plus, they’re lawyers, and change is very hard for them. I can sense the frustration of our new […]

When I tell people I’m a law librarian at a law firm, I usually get one of two responses. “Oh, I love books!” or reading or something along those lines. Or, “What does a librarian do at a law firm?” I try not to roll my eyes if the speaker is standing right in front of me, […]

When I talk to colleagues in public or academic libraries, I’m often dismayed to hear how they’re struggling to hold onto their jobs. Academic libraries are having their budgets cut drastically to deal with university deficits. Granted, some public libraries are thriving, but others are wondering whether they will lose funding due to pressure on municipalities to […]

I’ve been following #lma10 (Legal Marketing Association 2010 Conference ) on Twitter for the past couple of days. It’s been an amazing experience to “overlisten” (as my friend April calls eavesdropping) on the discussions. One issue that has law librarians steaming (or not) is where to put the law firm library. One U.S. firm, Morrison Foerster, […]

I’ve been at my law firm for 4 years now, and in that time I have made a point of stepping up and offering to do things that aren’t typical library functions. It’s mostly been things that interest me, and also help out the firm. Working in the private sector it’s a little easier to […]


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