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Against YA?


Over at Slate they are trying their best to whip up controversy about sappy Young Adult novels. Ruth Graham thinks that ” …you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” I am amused as I am both a librarian and immersing myself in YA and children’s literature. It’s plain wrong to broadly […]

I am a digital teenager of sorts. I have had too many email accounts and remember Netscape. So John Gregory’s summary of Internet Voting Revisited resonated with me on a few levels. My knee jerk reaction was internet is good and democracy is good, so combine both and I am supporting internet voting right? Not […]

A few weeks ago I was thinking about how professional associations can boost their membership. Admittedly there is a natural attrition rate, and people also have higher expectations wanting their associations to demonstrate value. Thought leader Gwynne Monahan said that often times the associations engage in push marketing with members as the group pushes out […]

Admittedly public legal education is a unknown territory for me as I worked in a law firm library. But being an information person, all areas that touch upon law interest me. Lois Gander of  the Centre for Public Legal Education in Alberta describes it as: Deeply rooted in the access to justice movement in Canada, […]

Tech tips


We are all geeks as we play with electronic devices. But somewhere along the way we became impatient. David Pogue shares tech tips aimed at a beginner audience: Did you pick up a few tricks? I like space bar for scrolling — news to me. And I see there are useful presentation tips on blacking […]

Every where I turn people are talking about how to shape their online lives. I am going beyond reputation management and into the realm of “digital citizenship” here. What does it mean to to internet literate? There was an interesting Pew study on the most desirable skills for 2020. One of the striking ideas about […]

One of my pet projects is to repurpose a wooden bureau. I would find a piece, strip down its many layers of paint, swap out the handles and voila…I would have a new thing that I made. This came to mind when I researched what was happening with “maker culture” in public libraries. People already […]

Ta-da! Score 1 point for the smartphone and the internet version 2012.  When I woke up to a blackout because of Super Storm Sandy, my phone really saved me. At home our internet service was down. A tweet let me know the extent of the blackout, and there was even a mashup map already set up before 8 […]

A tweet led me to this concisely-written article analyzing the broken business model of journals. The very librarian lingo “periodical” caught my eye. Back in the 1990s, when I had a strong interest in journalism, I understood advertising, and not subscriptions, were the backbone of a newspaper’s revenues. This article claims that is still true […]

Devin Fidler of the Technology Horizons program at the Institute of the Future writes about new skills needed for the decade ahead. He outlines 10 specfic skills in Information Outlook July/August 2012 (subscription required). Definitely read the entire article “Understanding Work Skills for the Decade Ahead.”  I agree with the need for computational thinking as […]


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