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Raise a Reader


I know two toddlers that could not be more different. Rick’s mom is not a reader and finds “mom and tot” programs boring at the library. When I play with him, he is engaged but he doesn’t verbalize a lot. Things don’t bode well for his language development.  The other baby is Marie, who is […]

Some time ago I read this article, “How Reframing a Problem Unlocks Innovation“, an adapted excerpt written by Tina Seelig from her book, InGenius  (HarperOne). I was struck by how relevant it was to libraries, and well, everything. I’m always looking at ways to “reframe a problem”. I like the way she phrases that Mastering the […]

This month Ted Tjaden is leaving our library team. He is the National Director but he is so much more. He has inspired and mentored many librarians. His door is always open to talk about knowledge management or library trends to others. My first experience with Ted was by reputation, when he was promoting his […]

A significant portion of library work is training: teaching your clients how to use the databases you subscribe to, how to use the catalogue, how to sign out a book. Law libraries also usually teach legal research techniques and methods to articling and summer students. After spending a great deal of time and effort putting […]

Brenda and I recently attended the Canadian Association of Law Libraries 2012 annual conference in Toronto. It was five days of intensive meetings, educational sessions, vendor demonstrations, networking and social events. I came home exhausted! So what did I get out of it? Well, I met face-to-face with people I’ve been working with on various committees. […]

One of the reasons I left my previous firm was to take on new challenges. I wanted to create and deliver workshops, do more in-depth research, and develop a more aggressive current awareness program. I’ve made headway on the latter two, and now I’m working on a legal research refresher. Last fall I took a […]

I often think about my special library experience, which has parallels to school libraries. Recently I discussed the pros and cons of satellite libraries, as I was thinking of rural school libraries without full time staff. Elizabeth Nelson wrote  “Learning from Public and School Librarians” in Information Outlook Vol. 15 No. 3 April/May 2011 issue […]

Brenda and I are both big supporters of life-long learning. Brenda recently wrote about a copyright course she took, and I’m in the middle of a course in Adult Learning Strategies for Information Professionals, taught by Rebecca Jones of Dysart & Jones. (I imagine Rebecca would prefer to say she is “facilitating” this course, rather […]

I am presenting highlights of the Research Overview of US Law Research session by Jeanette Bosschart, Great Library, Law Society of  Upper Canada and Clare Mauro, Torys, on September 16, 2010. It was refreshing to hear Bosschart talk about reasons that US law initially can fall outside the comfort zone of Canadian law librarians, as […]

Off to CALL!


The Canadian Association of Law Libraries is holding its annual conference next week in Windsor, Ontario. This will be my first time attending, and I will be participating as part of a panel on Legal Research and Writing. I have never presented at a conference before, and this experience will be a little out of my comfort zone. Fortunately […]


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