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I was at an advisory board meeting yesterday, when we were asked how library work has changed in our time in the industry. There was discussion of the way technology has taken over, and print isn’t as popular as it was, etc. I listened to the others and thought, “That doesn’t describe my library”.  Then I […]

Last week I wrote about the potential game-changer ebooks could become in law library collections. Part of my motivation to write about that was another development that I knew was in the works. Librarians have become very adept at finding ways to get what their patrons need. A huge part of a law library’s collection is the […]

Public libraries are like mom and apple pie. They are a good thing and a concept we all hold dear. But what are the hard numbers about how people use the library or how much they support the public library? Over at the M Word blog, Kathy Dempsey posted on’s infographic about exactly these […]

I had 3 meetings today but I am trying to find 2 hours every week to reflect on achievable goals for my library team. As a library technician with extensive experience with the library catalogue, I have busy year ahead of us weeding print resources while we consolidate collections. Gulp where am I going to find 2 […]



Yesterday, I attended a town hall meeting on the future of CLA, the Canadian Library Association. CLA is in a major crisis. Membership has declined drastically, which means funding has too. Operations have been slashed to bare bones. CLA leaders are now turning to the library community to determine how to proceed. The meeting was […]

A few months ago, for my Slaw column, I wrote on outsourcing the law library and what it would mean. I ended up having more questions than answers. A short while after that post was published, I received a call from Integreon, asking me if I would like to have some of my questions answered. […]

My latest post on Slaw is up today – Access to Justice, Prairie Style. It’s about the Legal Help Centre, a new initiative in Winnipeg to reach out to those who need help, whether it’s making a claim in Small Claims Court, trying to represent themselves in family court, or just having trouble with a […]



We’re going through a revisioning process at my firm, trying to determine what we stand for. It’s a hugely complicated affair, rife with all the competing messages that a group of 60 individuals can bring to it. Plus, they’re lawyers, and change is very hard for them. I can sense the frustration of our new […]

It has been a good news/bad news scenario for Jane Doe in California. If you live in Palo Alto, you could pop into a patient health library and get some accurate info instead of trawling around the Internet to find out possible claims about goji berries and their efficacy. The wow factor is that this […]

When I talk to colleagues in public or academic libraries, I’m often dismayed to hear how they’re struggling to hold onto their jobs. Academic libraries are having their budgets cut drastically to deal with university deficits. Granted, some public libraries are thriving, but others are wondering whether they will lose funding due to pressure on municipalities to […]


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